Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MC Mong - Vol. 4 Show's Just Begun

I would like to recommed this album to everyone..IMO one of the best hip-hop album I've ever heard^^..This album was release on 17 April 2008..and I just realised this album after accidently downloaded this song ^_^..

I personally like:
- Circus(fun to hear)
- Cloud 9(touching..kind of nostalgic..==" the choir^^)
- Love you even when I die(cool song^^ the beginning of the song)
- Going Crazy(Addicted to the rap and the techno sound + the chorus a lot^^)
- Beautiful life (Strong vocal performance by Big!..Nice combination!)
- Pierrot(a.k.a Clown)
- Tell Me(kinda bring back old memories..)
- In The Old Day(nice...^^)
- Mong Wanderings(The begining is funny..==..Eventhough I dont understand what they blabbering about..but still..sound funny^^)

Album Tracklist:
01 Radio Revers and Rhyme
02 서커스 (Feat. 임유경 - 달래 음악단, $howgun) [Circus]
03 페르시안 고양이 (Feat. M.A.C) [Persian Cat]
04 아홉번째 구름 (Feat. Yangpa) [Cloud Nine]
05 죽도록사랑해 (Feat. Lena Park) [Love You Even When I Die]
06 그녀에 취해 [Drunk For Her]
07 미치겠어 [Going Crazy]
08 내 맘속 사랑을 죽이다 (Feat. $howgun, 잔디) [The Love In My Heart Is Dead]
09 Beautiful Life (feat. Big Mama)
10 숨바꼭질 [Hide and Seek]
11 삐에로 (Feat. M.A.C) [Clown]
12 말해 [Malhae - Tell Me]
13 옛날 옛적에 [In The Old Days]
14 몽이 유랑단 (Feat. No Hong Chul, Defconn, HaHa, 달마시안) [Mong's Wanderings]

Download this album from mediafire:

(credit to sweetmelodies for uploading this cool album^^)

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