Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MUCC Chain Ring - Zombie Loan Ending

This a song by MUCC..a really awesome J-Rock band^^ for Zombie Loan ending song^^..Its really rock!!


boku tachi wa tsumibukaki CHAIN
utaeyo?iradatsu kokoro de
aimai na fusekai sekai no LINE
bokura wa waratte tai dake

kimi ga naku no nara
sou boku wa kono ame ni narou


mirai sousou chouetsu wo
egaite ima shoudou wo zoukei he saisei he
POCKET nejikonda te wa
nandatte tsukameru sa sousei he chouetsu shite

hitogomi ni hajikareta koe
tsuyosa wo motomeru namida ni
unmei to bokura tsunaida CHAIN
hagayui RING wo egaita

boku ga miemasuka?
koe ga todoite imasuka?


mirai souzou chouetsu wo
kono te de kirisaite yukou zoukei he saisei he
mabuta wo akaku moyashite
kono me ni tobikonda sekai sousei chouetsu shite

rensa suru rasen no gankyou
hakujyaku to naru kokoro
hikari wo negai wo
Kousa suru ishiki no nakade
yuhatsu suru kimi he no omoi wo koete

mirai sousou chouetsu wo
egaite ima shoudou wo zoukei he saisei he
POCKET nejikonda te wa
nandatte tsukameru sa sousei he kakusei he

omoi wa kono sora takaku
negaiga bokura tsunaida unmei wo choetsu shite
mirai eigou kyoumetsu wo
daite some agete ikou kyoumei he mirai he

[Track List]
01. Fuzz
02. Chain Ring
03. Mae he
04. Fuzz electro crusin' mix

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[link](44.85 MB)

Amber(Cognac) - power of the Sun

Amber is a fossilized tree resin millions of years old, is a time capsule containing souvenirs from the early history of life on our planet. Ancient beads and carvings testify to the beauty prehistoric man found in this organic gem that glows like honey or drops of the sun.

You'll find that its warm shades complement the earth tones in your wardrobe. Amber also looks stunning paired with blues, greens, and grays.

In this first post about amber, I'll focus on the yellow amber a.k.a cognac amber^^

- enhance the beauty of the wearer
- used to tap into the power of the Sun,
- good for success, abundance, healing, vitality and joy
- A powerful stone for manifestation
-used for healing of the physical body
- It carries a negative electrical energy charge(good to draw power and energy into its bearer)
- Great for absent-mindedness. -
- said to bring good luck to warriors
- calm the nerves

Monday, April 13, 2009

Aoku Yasashiku by Kobukuro

One of the most recommended song IMO..this song is a soundtrack from a J-Dorama, Dream Again^^..juz finish watching it^^
This song..remind me of the song from 1 Litre of Tear...its so touching..meaningful lyric..
[Comment from other fan]
true this is song is really awesome. especially for those of us who feel a little old, wondering where life would have taken us if we chose another path, or just lost in general...sigh... what would i have forgotten? all the memories i have now. what would i have remembered? hmm... good question. what would i have discovered? wow. but anyway great thinking song. i love how they end so if falling into a dream...
weeson commented 7 months ago
Usually I get bored of songs, if not crazy bored, at least a little bit. However, this song still seems to be one of my favourites.
[Lyric- Romaji]
Ano hi no yume wo, ima mo zuttoo
ikake tsuzukete itara
ima goro boku ha doko ni ite,
nani wo shite itandarou

Tame ikite sabitsuita kono kagi de
ima mo mada aku no kana
Shinjita mama nugisuteta
yume to isshoni boku wo matteru
Ano hi no loka (locker)

Ima yori zutto aoku, yasashiku mieta sora
Nani wo wasuretan darou, nani wo oboetan darou, nani wo mitsuketan darou
Kotae no nai toi ni,
Shiroku nijinda sora
Fumidase nakatta ano michi wa
Ima koko ni tsuzuiteita

Nando makete mo machigatte mo
Yume ha owari jyanai
Nando katte mo, tatta ichido no
Akirame ni kuzurete iku

Miageru hodo nagai nobori zaka
Ima boku no me no mae ni
Hikikaeshite shimaeba matta
koukai dake ga boku wo matteru
Kudai zaka

Kokoro no sakebi nado, dareni mo kikoenai
dakara waraun da you, namida ga derun da you
dakara kagayakun da you

Jibun rashisa wo sagashite
dareka no mane mo shite mita
Nanika ga chigan darou, dareni mo kikenai da you
Soredemo, sagashite mitainda

Ima yori zutto aoku, yasashiku mieta sora
Nani wo wasuretan darou, nani wo oboetan darou, nani wo mitsuketan darou
Ano hi yori zutto aoku, Tsuyoku shinjita sora
Fumidase nakatta ano michi wa
Ima doko ni

Ano hi no boku ha, zutto matteta
kokoro no ikidomari de
Sukoshi dake hanashi wo kitte kureru kai
Sukoshi dake yasundemo ii kai..

[Lyric- English Translation]
(credit to blackrabbit2999)
the dreams of that day, even now i've always
been chasing after them
where am i about now
and what have i accomplished?

can this key that had rusted out in a sigh
still open the present?
i'm still waiting for the dreams
i believed in that i threw away,that day's locker

much bluer than now, the gentle sky that could be seen
what have i forgotten?
what have i remembered?
what have i discovered?
asking these unanswerable questions, the sky blurred with white
the road that i couldn't advance on
continues on here and now

no matter how many times
i lose and make mistakes,
the dream isn't over
no matter how much is done,
just giving up once
would end it all

a long ascent higher than i can see
is now before my eyes
if i end up retracing my steps,
only regret awaits me
on the way down

the heart's cry can't be heard
by anyoneso smile,
let your tears fall
and let yourself shine

look for your individuality,
even if its similar to someone else's
something is definitely different,
it can't be heard by anyone
but i want to look for it

much bluer than now,
the gentle sky that could be seen
what have i forgotten?
what have i remembered?
what have i discovered?
much bluer than that day,
the sky i strongly trust in
the road that i couldn't advance on,
where is it now

the me on that day,
i'm always waiting for youf
rom the bottom of my heart
would you listen to me
say a little something?
wouldn't a little rest be nice too?

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[link 1](12.72 MB)
[link 2](12.72 MB)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Defconn - Love Sugar

Intoducing..Defconn latest album..Love Sugar^^...Slower Hip-Hop compare to Outsider^^...but still..Defconn is a rapper with a good rythm...Check it out..yo?

[Album Info]
Release date: 2009.03.013
Genre: Hip Hop
Language: Korean

[Track List]
01. 힙합 유치원(Feat YDG TBVY Bizzy)-Hip Hop kindergarten
02. Love Sugar
03. 아버지 (Remix)
04. 힙합 유치원 (Inst.)
05. Love Sugar (Inst.)
06. 아버지 (Remix) (Inst.)

My favourite song on this album would be the 1st track, 힙합 유치원(Feat YDG TBVY Bizzy)-Hip Hop kindergarten..really cute song^^..the kid voice is this song really cute^^..

Direct download this full album at mediafire:
[link](29.26 MB)

(Credit to

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alexandrite The Colour Changing Gemstone

Alexandrite is a gem variety of the mineral chrysoberyl discovered in 1830 in Czarist Russia. Since the old Russian imperial colors are red and green it was named after Czar Alexander II on the occasion of his coming of age.

Alexandrite is a cool gem..Outside in daylight, it is a cool bluish mossy green. Inside in lamplight, it is a red gem, with a warm raspberry tone. You can watch it flick back and forth by switching from fluorescent to incandescent light.

Aids internal and external regeneration, has positive influence on nervous system, spleen, pancreas.
Helps to align mental and emotional body.
Spiritual tranformation and regeneration.
Reflects highest potentials of unfoldment.
Joy, oneness with life.

思念是一种病 by 张震岳

Another chinese song recommendation by 张震岳(Zhang Zhen Yue), 思念是一种病(si nian shi yi zhong bing )..literally means Missing someone for too long is a Kind of Illness...
This song is a collaboration with 蔡健雅(Cai jian ya a.k.a Tanya Chua)

A nice R&B song...a slow song that has a really deep meaning..IMO^^

当 你 在 穿 山 越 岭 的 另 一 边
dāng nǐ zài chuān shān yuè líng de lìng yī biān
我 在 孤 独 的 路 上 没 有 尽 头
wǒ zài gū dú de lù shàng méi yǒu jìn tóu
一 辈 子 有 多 少 的 来 不 及
yī bèi zi yǒu duō shǎo de lái bù jí
发 现 已 经 失 去
fā xiàn yǐ jīng shī qù
最 重 要 的 东 西
zuì zhòng yào de dōng xī
恍 然 大 悟 早 已 远 去
huǎng rán dà wù zǎo yǐ yuǎn qù
为 何 总 是 在 犯 错 之 后
wéi hé zǒng shì zài fàn cuò zhī hòu
才 肯 相 信 错 的 是 自 己
cái kěn xiāng xìn cuò de shì zì jǐ
他 们 说 这 就 是 人 生
tā men shuō zhè jiù shì rén shēng
试 著 体 会 试 著 忍 住 眼 泪
shì zhù tǐ huì shì zhù rěn zhù yǎn lèi
还 是 躲 不 开 应 该 有 的 情 绪
hái shì duǒ bù kāi yìng gāi yǒu de qíng xù
我 不 会 奢 求 世 界 停 止 转 动
wǒ bù huì shē qiú shì jiè tíng zhǐ zhuǎn dòng
我 知 道 逃 避 一 点 都 没 有 用
wǒ zhī dào táo bì yī diǎn dōu méi yǒu yòng
只 是 这 段 时 间 里 尤 其 在 夜 里
zhī shì zhè duàn shí jiān lǐ yóu qí zài yè lǐ
还 是 会 想 起 难 忘 的 事 情
hái shì huì xiǎng qǐ nán wàng de shì qíng
我 想 我 的 思 念 是 一 种 病
wǒ xiǎng wǒ de sī niàn shì yī zhòng bìng
久 久 不 能 痊 愈
jiǔ jiǔ bù néng quán yù
当 你 在 穿 山 越 岭 的 另 一 边
dāng nǐ zài chuān shān yuè líng de lìng yī biān
我 在 孤 独 的 路 上 没 有 尽 头
wǒ zài gū dú de lù shàng méi yǒu jìn tóu
时 常 感 觉 你 在 耳 后 的 呼 吸
shí cháng gǎn jué nǐ zài ěr hòu de hū xī
却 未 曾 感 觉 你 在 心 口 的 鼻 息
què wèi céng gǎn jué nǐ zài xīn kǒu de bí xí
汲 汲 营 营
jí jí yíng yíng
忘 记 身 边 的 人 需 要 爱 和 关 心
wàng jì shēn biān de rén xū yào ài hé guān xīn
藉 口 总 是 拉 远 了 距 离
jí kǒu zǒng shì lā yuǎn le jù lí
不 知 不 觉 无 声 无 息
bù zhī bù jué wú shēng wú xí
我 们 总 是 在 抱 怨 事 与 愿 违
wǒ men zǒng shì zài bào yuàn shì yǔ yuàn wéi
却 不 愿 意 回 头 看 看 自 己
què bù yuàn yì huí tóu kàn kàn zì jǐ
想 想 自 己 到 底 做 了 甚_ 蠢 事 情
xiǎng xiǎng zì jǐ dào dǐ zuò le shèn chǔn shì qíng
也 许 是 上 帝 给 我 一 个 试 炼
yě xǔ shì shàng dì gěi wǒ yī gè shì liàn
只 是 这 伤 口 需 要 花 点 时 间
zhī shì zhè shāng kǒu xū yào huā diǎn shí jiān
只 是 会 想 念 过 去 的 一 切
zhī shì huì xiǎng niàn guò qù de yī qiē
那 些 人 事 物 会 离 我 远 去
nǎ xiē rén shì wù huì lí wǒ yuǎn qù
而 我 们 终 究 也 会 远 离
ér wǒ men zhōng jiù yě huì yuǎn lí
变 成 回 忆
biàn chéng huí yì
思 念 是 一 种 病
oh sī niàn shì yī zhòng bìng oh..
思 念 是 一 种 病 一 种 病
oh sī niàn shì yī zhòng bìng yī zhòng bìng oh..
多 久 没 有 说 我 爱 你
duō jiǔ méi yǒu shuō wǒ ài nǐ
多 久 没 有 拥 抱 你 所 爱 的 人
duō jiǔ méi yǒu yǒng bào nǐ suǒ ài de rén
当 这 个 世 界 不 在 那_ 美 好
dāng zhè gè shì jiè bù zài nǎ měi hǎo
只 有 爱 可 以 让 他 更 好
zhī yǒu ài kě yǐ ràng tā gèng hǎo
我 相 信 一 切 都 来 得 及
wǒ xiāng xìn yī qiē dōu lái de jí
别 管 那 些 纷 纷 扰 扰
bié guǎn nǎ xiē fēn fēn rǎo rǎo
别 让 不 开 心 的 事 停 下 了 脚 步
bié ràng bù kāi xīn de shì tíng xià le jiǎo bù
就 怕 你 不 说 就 怕 你 不 做
jiù pà nǐ bù shuō jiù pà nǐ bù zuò
别 让 遗 憾 继 续 一 切 都 来 得 及
bié ràng yí hàn jì xù yī qiē dōu lái de jí

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[link 3]
[link 4]
[link 5]

*Note: if cannot download..use Sun Lei..a.k.a Thunder

Friday, April 3, 2009

Agate for Strength and Courage

Agate is a microcrystalline variety of quartz(silica), chiefly chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks but can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.

The stone was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher and naturalist, who discovered the stone along the shore line of the river Achates (Greek: Αχάτης) sometime between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.

Its comes in all kind of shapes, colour and pattern..each stone are unique^^..I think I own these kind of stones when I was a kid^^..

Brings strength and courage to the holder.