Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Chocolaty Valentine’s Day

While searching materials for my assignment..look what I found accidently^^..Its an article about Valentine’s Day^^..Yup..something about chocolate during Valentine’s Day..

I believe this article will answer all your question regarding question something similiar to this question..(ehrm..ehrm..) ”Why give chocolate during Valentine’s Day? Why not Bear2? Or Chinese Food? Why not Candy bar? Or perhaps a facial cream?”

Part of The Article:

Perhaps one of the reasons why chocolate is preferred as a valentine icon is because it too can invoke similiar feeling of pleasure. Pure chocolate odour has been liken to that of a perfume, arousing the various moods.

Some scientists believe that chemicals such as theobromine and caffeine are somewhat wild stimulants contained in chocolate, when eaten, may be responsible for some of the mood-related effects. Other imply the presence of naturally occuring chemical in the body called phenylethyme (PEA) – a group of compounds associated with synthetic stimulant drug class, the amphetamines. It has been suggested that chocolate may act on the mechanism that regulates body levels of cause “mood” changes, causing an increase of the chemical to further stimulate the brain.

Interestingly, the levels of PEA have been reported to increase in “moody” experiences such as “falling in love” which give another reason why chocolates are apt for valentines. In addition, the glucose released upon eating chocolate could trigger the surge of endorphins, a naturally occuring opium-like substance in the brain, causing mood elevation and feeling of happiness, and at time, boardering on euphora. Experiences such as runners “high” and aerobic “burn” could be explained in such terms. Endorphins are also important in moderating pain and fatigue relating to such high impact activities.

(Taken from: New Sunday Times, February 12, 2001)

I would like to wish boys and girls “Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Chocolate is heavenly. Chocolate is downfall, happiness, pleasure, love, ectasy, fantasy” by Elaine Sherman

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