Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Humaniamal - MC Mong Vol.5

Release date: 2009.07.22
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap /Dance
Language: Korean

[Track List]
01. Intro
02. Indian Boy (Feat. 장근이, B.I)
03. 로반줄아 (로미오를 반대한 줄리엣 아버지) Feat. Simon (of Dalmatian)
04. 진실은 천국에서라도 (Feat. 김희선)
05. 나비효과 (Feat. SG Wannabe)
06. 사랑보다 아름다운 말 (Feat. Suk Hee)
07. Dalmatian Love
08. Lucky Man
09. 사랑이란
10. 죽도록 사랑해 2 (Feat. 조성모)
11. Little Sunshine (Feat. 정인)
12. 세상에서 가장 슬픈 시 (Feat. MAC)
13. LUV D.N.A (Feat. 나비)
14. Hottrack Feat. B.S
15. Outro

Man..this album is awesome^^..MC Mong did it again^^...Once again his album full with collaboration with other artist^^...Talk about harmonization here..what a collaboratoion^^...

[My Score]

Direct download this album at mediafire:
[link 1] Part 1 -80Mb
[link 2] Part 2 -26.49 Mb

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