Monday, March 30, 2009

Simon Dominic - I just Wanna Rhyme

Another recommended Korean Hip-Hop Album, I Just Wanna Rhyme by Simon Dominic^^...So..are you ready to rhyme? Let's go!

[Album Info]
released: 4.6.2008

[Track List]
1. I Just Wanna Rhyme (prod by Keslo)
2. Ok, 本
3. 서커스 2008 feat. Dok2, E-Sens (prod by Dok2)
4. Wack 인간형
5. Tear Me Down feat. Dok2 (prod by Loptimist)
6. 지리멸렬 / Cryin' feat. Beatbox DG
7. Lazy Son feat. Jerry.k (prod by Jerry.k)
8. One Shot feat. 여포
9. Mr.Stress (prod by JA)
10. 욕본다 feat. Basick
11. Pussycat
12. Romantic Sense Remix feat. lady Jane (prod by The Quiett)
13. Free john tesh (prod by Sleepy of Untouchable)
14. 입방정
15. 끓어 feat. Absotyle a.k.a Rocky L
16. 마적단馬賊團 feat. Beatbox DG
17. 포기해라, 마
18. Bonus Track

My favourites: 1, 5, 6, 9, 12, and 13
I Just Wanna Rhyme has a really nice beat...nice rap^^..You really dont wanna miss this ^^

Direct download this full album at mediafire:
[link 1](63.06 MB)

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